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Israel Was to Attack Iran from Georgia: Report
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Under the title "Israel and the Tehran Attack", the American Domestic Intelligence Reporter Brian Harring uncovers an Israeli plan to attack Iran from Georgian territory.
In his paper published at TBR news website, Harring recalls Russian Deputy Chief of General Staff Colonel General Anatoly Nogovitsyn who accused Israel of supplying arms to Georgia and delivering weapons systems to insist that the Israeli presence consisted of "IDF special forces, Israeli Air Force personnel, detachments of the Mossad and other Israeli groups."
Harring mentions that while Georgia was turned into a “fruitful land to Israeli groups and mercenaries who were all working, in complete cooperation with American forces to train and equip the new Georgian armed forces, Israel was preparing to attack Tehran.”
"At the same time, Israel was preparing to move some of its attack aircraft into Georgia; base them on Israeli-controlled airfields in southern Georgia and arm and equip them for a strike on Tehran."
In his paper, the intelligence reporter highlights some of the reasons behind Israel choosing Georgia:" It should be noted that the distance from Tel Aviv to Tehran is 1,600km one way, and the distance from Southern Georgia is 1,149 km one way. Slip tanks add 600-800 miles to the overall range." Harring clarifies.
Moreover, Harring details Israeli preparations for the strike:" The aircraft designated for the attack were the Israeli Air Force's (IAF) F-16I Sufa (Storm)…., the F-16I that may be armed with the AMRAAM air-to-air missile, the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile, or AMRAAM..."
Before Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was aware that the pending Georgian attack on South Ossetia is certain, The israeli air strike was, according to Harring, to be aimed at Iranian government buildings with one Israeli group striking where top Iranian officials were known to be working, at housing for the top leadership, at any identified laboratory where nuclear work was being carried on.
"The second flight was to strike at Iranian oil wells, pipelines and Persian Gulf oil terminals. Once the dual strike was completed, the aircraft would head towards Israel and then were slated to be refueled in mid-air by an American tanker aircraft." Harring explains.
The author concluded his article by referring to the fact that US President George W. Bush was fully aware of the Israeli- planned strike on Tehran "which can be seen in a 2006 document, copies of which, containing his signature, have been posted on the internet and emailed across the globe".
Harring praised the Russian move which resulted "in the hasty withdrawal of all American and Israeli military and intelligence units and the subsequent capture by the Russians of huge quantities of American weapons, technical signals equipment, unmanned drones and trucks full of secret documents".
This means that the attack on South Ossetia is the first battle in anew proxy warfare between Anglo-American-Israeli led interests and Russia. The only question is whether Washington miscalculated the swiftness and intensity of the Russian response to the Georgian attacks of August 8, Asia Times report F William Engdahl asks.

The next step, according to Engdahl, will no longer be just about the Caucasus, or even Europe. In 1914 it was the "Guns of August" that initiated the Great War. This time, the Guns of August 2008 could be the detonator of World War III and a nuclear holocaust of unspeakable horror.

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  Al Manar TV | Aug 25

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