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A Curious Case of Linearity of Collapse
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One of the more curious aspects of the cascading collapse phenomenon we are observing is an odd linearity to the macro crises which are all brewing, but somehow only seem to hit the markets one at a time.

The Crisis of the moment is Greek Debt.  However, we are all aware I think that the rest of the PIIGS are all in precisely the same condition as Greece.  Why aren’t they hitting the wall right now ALSO?


Here is my Tin Foil theory.  Much like the Fed on the FSofA level, the BIS can only deal with one major crisis at a time, and everything else gets put on the back burner.  So for the moment, any debt reaching maturity in another PIIGS nation is rolled over while the Illuminati wait to see how much they can extort from Goobermints and Taxpayers to payoff Greek Debt.  This sets a precedent, then as soon as we get a resolution on this one, Italy or Spain will go into a crisis situation. Rinse and Repeat.


This has all the earmarks of a MANAGED crisis. My guess is that our Illuminati Masters at the BIS are allowing credit to keep flowing to some insolvent countries, while one at a time they cut particular countries loose and see how things play out there.  Like the FDIC shutting only a few insolvent Banks each Friday here in the FSofA, the BIS will only put the hammer down on as many Sovereigns in a given month as they can handle the spin control on.  So it was Dubai last month, this month its Greece.  Whatever happened in Dubai anyhow?  Did they get financing to rollover all their loans and keep building Golf Course in the middle of the desert? Based on news articles in the MSM, the massive crisis that was Dubai last month no longer seems to EXIST anymore.


Last year, CA was the major Crisis Story, issuing IOUs to its vendors and employees.  However, it managed to disappear off the map for a few months until the latest go round of budgetary woes.  Nothing was solved in CA, just  bunch of accounting tricks papered over the problem for a while.


It all seems orchestrated now.  Big money is being pushed around the globe through the Bond Market, and the so called “Bond Vigilantes” are hardly being vigilant.  Are retail investors buying ANY of these bonds, corporate or sovereign?  I think not.  Retail investors don’t have the preponderance of the world’s wealth to push around, and they couldn’t act in concert like this.  This has to be just a few people doing Margin Calls on the weakest states first, and pulling their financing. Where are they getting the money to do this?  They are PRINTING the money, through their CB subsidiaries like the Fed.  Remember what the BIS is, it is the Central Bank of all the Central Banks in the world participating in this trading system.


Based on this hypothesis, its quite possible for this collapse to be a fairly long and drawn out affair.  You have a few Central Bankers who can pretty much inject money anywhere they like into the system with a few keyboard strokes on the laptop.  That money gets loaned out to some Hedge Funds, who can at will attack any particular country or corporation through the Bond Market.  They aren’t attacking EVERYONE of course, because some countries have to stay floating for the whole currency schema to keep working.


So how does the whole thing finally FAIL here?  Well, its one thing to keep the Bond Market floating for a given country, it is a whole other ball of wax to keep any given country’s employment situation decent.  Perhaps nobody is making a margin call on Germany at the moment because Germany is a creditor, but nonetheless the German Labor Unions are none too happy these days, and plenty of Mercedes are getting their windows smashed in the parking lots of Munich and Berlin.  Similarly here in the FSofA while the GDP gets revised upward to show 5% Growth, Unemployment continues to grow with nearly ½ M new claims in the last month.  The charade of moving debt money round the world can only last until the societies which support this system start to fall apart from their own internal rot.  That basically is the FSofA, Britain and Germany in the West, and China and Japan in the East.


So far here in the FSofA we hve not reached the Social Tipping point YET. Its coming though, despite GDP growth figures which are created as a fiction from the keyoards of CBs who create ever more money to ship into the markets. Increasing GDP is merely an artifact of a whole lot of new money injected into this system, there is NO increased productivity here, if anything it has decreased. The lie will be perpetuated until the biggest countries in charge of the system themselves devolve to anarchy. Give it another year or two maybe.

Source >  theburningplatform.com

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