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Alitalia: let it die
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It’s a clear and nauseating example of therapeutic tenacity: an immoral and inhuman fact, as often remembered also by the Pope. When a company is dead, is dead! The attempt of the Salami (Berlusconi, T’s N) to “save” Alitalia with powerful injections of taxpayers’ money, is provoking only one reaction: a swarming of excitement of the worms that are eating the rotten corpse. The worms are meeting, whistling, screaming, swarming, threatening the travelers, blocking the traffic; they want more, more and more.

This historic crisis of finance made them cocky, the worms. . . They said themselves: because are nationalizing banks, then let’s yell and shout, maybe they will nationalize Alitalia. Many say that this is their hidden hope: when Alitalia dies, then let the taxpayers take care of the worms, with their wages and right to absence.

They had right to 45000 workdays of union absence permission  (for 12600 workers); they want to maintain them, and when the company’s counterproposal arrives, giving only 3500 union permission, all the worms start to shake: no!! Rather let the company die!! Let it fail!!

In the meantime, the so called bridge-loan (a lean to be returned within a precise moment), 300 million Euros of our money (to Alitalia have been given 10 billion Euros for years of sloth-caused agony), has been judged as illegitimate by Bruxelles. It means a billionaire sanction to Italy.

Because at the appropriate office in Bruxelles there’s one of the Salami’s sycophants, he has found quickly the trick: the sanction will not be paid by CAI, but by the “bad company”. The “bad company” is the company created on purpose to take all debts of the old wreck, when CAI takes away the few good things.

The “bad company”, are us. Us, taxpayers. We must pay the 300 million “loan” that will be never given back, and also the billionaire sanction. That should be paid by Berlusconi, seeing that the guilt of this illegal mess is of him: and he has the money.

This last operation is like the liver transplant from an healthy person to a dead, died for liver cirrhosis by intense alcoholism. It’s a marrow transplant from who works and toils to who demand to the eternal right to do nothing. An operation that is contrary to the elementary principles of humanity, before considering elementary principles of economy.

And here again – for Salami’s obstinacy, that doesn’t want to lose his face – he is trying (always with our money) the mouth-to-mouth breathing, artificial respiration, health stimulant directly injected in hearth; not enough, then he does a tracheotomy and intubation, tries to use a oxygen tent, helps the heart to beat, intravenous feeding; arriving at last to begging the worms: be responsible, go to the cockpit, give coffee to passengers, let’s treat...

What passengers? No one goes up anymore on an Alitalia plane; the worms repudiated them all. The business is dead, and any intervention reappoints the definitive condition of corpse; wants to die, left alone in peace under the burial ground; the worms are claiming for their prey, they want to take the flesh off of it.

It’s an unbearable sight: for the taxpayer’s wallet, and also for the heart. Alitalia is disgraceful; we can’t send to any dock of the world this heap of quarrelsome worms, of fly grubs quivering of rage, even if covered with golden necklaces and designer dresses.

It’s dangerous. In the civil world, there are, in force, strictly sanitary rules: it’s denied to introduce plants and insects in almost every country, imagine about nicrophorous grubs!

In that case, let Alitalia die. It’s different from Eluana Englaro (an Italian girls that is incurring to the same fate of Terry Schiavo, T’s N); Cut off the power, at last, as it desires, as its personnel wants. We don’t tolerate anymore this scene.

Don’t you smell the stench of melt corpse? Don’t you see the money injected in this slurry? Don’t you see that the only things alive, now, are the worms that are boring it, that are coming out from any orifice, that pullulate and outlet in Fiumicino spreading pussy slurries, pus, corpse pus and other lethal products of decomposition?

Please, that’s enough. Bury that old wreck. Or better still, incinerate it, because is already spreading its plague.

by Maurizio Blondet

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Source >  EFFEDIEFFE.com | nov 04

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