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Apparent Terrorist Attack Planned for 2010 World Cup
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Attentato “islamico” per la Coppa del Mondo in Sudafrica? 

Cape Town, South Africa - Once again the convenient case of terrorism jumps up but this time it is not the New York Mayor that wants to install London's semi police planet video surveillance system or London that wants to arrest and monitor all photographers even if they are tourists. This time it's right here in South Africa the home of the 2010 FIFA World Cup where the guys in hidden caves on the other side of the planet threatened to blow up the World Cup.

The "threat" comes from one guy called Ayman al-Zawahiri that was killed so many times already by the United States that the fact that he is still alive shows just what terrorism really is and what it has become. Real terrorism is the fight against terrorism where governments impose harsh laws upon it's citizens to protect them from people the same government claims to have killed just about every year.

Some time in late 2001 - Tony Blair and downing street announces that Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed

    That regime (the Taliban) is effectively now disintegrated. The terror camps can be shut down, and I think that is a fantastic thing.

    British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

January 2006 - The CIA takes out a remote village in Pakistan killing many including Ayman al-Zawahiri with a air strike. He was not only apparently killed but was the main target for the air strike. In the attack the United States killed many innocent woman and children. 18 to be exact.

August 2008 - Once again Ayman al-Zawahiri dies in Pakistan, Pakistan military sources confirmed this to numerous people.

There are more reports that he died just about every year since the planned demolition of the World Trade center in New York, although in America you are not allowed to ask questions about it as Jesse Ventura exposed a while back and also got censored by the Huffington post.

Ayman al-Zawahiri is however more famous for threatening America. He started threatening Obama as Obama became president. He is the second in command bellow the supposed Osama Bin Laden and now someone that was in contact with him threatens the World Cup. Abdullah Azzam Saleh Misfar al-Qahtani who was in contact with Ayman al-Zawahiri is the one that said they are targeting the World Cup. He was arrested in Baghdad and was said to plan the attack on the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, it was announced yesterday by Major-General Qassim Atta of the Baghdad security

Abdullah Azzam Saleh Misfar al-Qahtani was also involved in previous attacks in Iraq and Karbala.

The downside of this entire threat is that even though it might be real, our government only found out about it by media, the same media Julius Malema chased out of his meeting and the ANC accuses of being "racist". The government yesterday had their "operation show off" but today was embarrassed to find out they are being threatened by people on the other side of the planet without their knowledge.

Hopefully we won't see shipments of retinal eye scanners and RFID chips being shipped to our currently closed off ports in bulk by the US but that can't be promised as last month South Africa was threatened by Algeria's Al-Qaeda and the United States and England was their specific target.

If Obama comes to South Africa for a match we will probably see the country being run by the United States army to protect us all from the danger coming from North Africa. We'll be safe as well pass various fun security checkpoints in our own country and we can only imagine what would happen if South Africa had any oil.

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