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British tried to kill Khruschev
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The time will come when some author will probe into the history of the British secret diplomacy. The sane part of the world’s population will be deeply impressed by the result.
Anyone who would like to get at least slightly acquainted with the theme would realize that the subject is exceptionally disgusting.
Great Britain always did its best to conceal the truth about its workings.
Whenever it failed to do so, there emerged giant poisonous toads grown in the test-tubes of the Foreign Office.
A minor example.

A representative Soviet delegation led by N.S Khruschev and N.A. Bulganin visited Great Britain on board the Ordzhonkidze battle-cruiser in 1956.
It was a successful diplomatic mission, and it became known only 50 years later that a British frogman tried to place a mine on the ship in Portsmouth bay in order to detonate it when the cruiser would be in the open sea on the way back to the USSR.
The plan was thus to kill the entre Soviet leadership.
What for?

The purpose was to provoke a crisis that would evolve into a new world war.
At that time the US and Great Britain had an overwhelming advantage over the USSR in nuclear weaponry and planned an aggression against it, and the pretext for it could be perfect.
Prominent British frogman Lionel Crabb was charged with the secret mining mission directed by the CIA.
The mission failed.
The battle-cruiser was guarded by Soviet frogmen who beheaded Crabb and disposed of the mine. Last year, the declassified story became know to the whole world.
Examples of the kind are plentiful, and in every case the essence is the same?

Whenever the interests of Great Britain are concerned, the lives of other nations mean no more to British politicians than the lives of insects.
It is noteworthy that in the 1930ies the British ruling circles (who are of course veteran fighters for human rights worldwide) implemented an intricate scheme to bring Hitler to power in order to steer the European political developments in the direction they wanted.
Urging German chancellor Hindenburg to yield to Hitler, the British were fully aware of his plans for a barbarian extermination of Jews.
But did the lives of the ordinary Jewish population matter when the fundamental objective?
To unleash a bloody war between Germany and the USSR?
Was pursued?

Later they gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler in order to incite Hitler to an aggression against the USSR.
Did they care about the international law or the Czech and Slovak peoples?
They simply played their mean game...
Later, history has seen many more rounds of this game.
Recently there emerged another poisonous toad of the British politics.

In an interview to the Italian La Reppublica, British foreign minister David Miliband suggested that the Kosovo Albanians declare independence on February 4, 2008, the next day after the presidential elections runoff in Serbia.
We witness a Balkan Munich Agreement being arranged.
It must be true that history does not teach.
What does Miliband’s appeal mean in the light of the international law?
The same thing as did Chamberlain’s signing the Munich Agreement 70 years ago ?
That they do not give a damn for the international law.
What does the development mean for Great Britain?

The Frankenstein it had once unleashed will eventually target it.
In the past, it used to be national socialism, and this time it is going to be the Islamic terrorism.
What does the development mean for the Balkan peoples?
It means that Mr. Miliband does not give a damn for them, because the system of the Balkan borders is going to explode with new wars.
What does the development mean for the world’s regions plagued with frozen conflicts?

It means that the lives of the people who live there mean nothing to Mr. Miliband, because escalation in these regions is imminent and the death toll is going to be enormous.
Miliband understands that Russia will not tolerate Serbia’s being humiliated and will provide political, economic, and military assistance to it.
This time, Serbs will defend their sovereignty with great determination?

They simply have no other option.
Otherwise, their country will collapse irreversibly.
Besides, the disrespect for the Serbian national dignity cannot go on forever.
David Miliband does not care, nor is it his concern that Serbia will shrink to the size of the Windsor Castle.
He needs a military stronghold at the Balkans, and for him Serbs are just miserable insects.
By the way, the Kosovo Albanians who are so proud that Anglo-Saxons side with them are wrong if they believe that they are the favorites.

In reality, all of them from their chief Hashim Thaçi to the last forest bandit are the same insects for Washington and London, and the time will come when their bosses will do away with them.
Miliband is aware that a fire can start in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and kill a lot of innocent people. He does not give a damn for their lives.
For him and his like, human lives have long become pawns in their unfair game.
Even the life of A.
Litvinenko, a liar who lost himself amid the émigré reality, was used as a pawn in a mean and fraudulent scheme.
The British minister's reckoning is simple?

The strong is the one who decides.
The Kosovo Albanians will declare independence and the world will swallow this new rape of the international law.
In a sense, he is right.
Those willing to swallow already lined up.
The brothel Great Britain has been building for decades is still there.
For a fee, one can always get satisfaction in it.
The old and new Europeans who either have long accepted the roles of old whores or believe naively that prostitution is not only a job but also fun are at work.

One can only smile when some European parliamentarians yell «How dare you? I am not like that!» Yes, you are like that.
You are going to do the job and then go to doctor.
Even the Polish murmur «Man, I am going to please you!» appears more honest against this background.
All the more, no serious migration of Albanians to Warsaw is going to take place, so there will be no medical problems.
Of course, there is a group of workers in the brothel who still do not quite understand where they are.

They might try to escape via a window or do something else like that.
They have enough separatists of their own, and they would rather stay away from the Kosovo orgy. We'll see what they will do, or what will be done to them.
There is one more circumstance that must be mentioned.
The Anglo-Saxon brothel is a tumbledown building. It would be easy-minded to hope that its owners will realize what the situation is like and decide to construct a new building of honest politics.

Rather, we will never see this happen, and we will continue for a long time seeing ugly toads leaping out of the ruins.
The main thing is something else?
We should be permanently aware of the existence of these creatures in nature, not let anyone deceive us, and construct the building of honest politics.
Who said that it is impossible to construct?

Strategic Culture Foundation online magazine 25.01.2008
Dmitriy SEDOV On Mister Miliband and the European Brothel


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