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Dismantling Pakistan, a Quagmire of Imperial Slavery
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Smantellano il Pakistan

Talha Mujaddidi analyzes the "Quagmire of Imperial Slavery" for Axis of Logic from inside Pakistan:
In January, 2005, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, former Pakistan High Commissioner to the U.K. wrote the following alert and warning:

"When it was over, I realised that everything had happened 'according to the plan'. This brings out of me the apprehension: are our military rulers working on an a similar agenda or something that has been laid out for them in the various assessment reports over the years by the National Intelligence Council (NIC) in joint collaboration with CIA. It was poor Miraj Khalid who as interim prime minister in early 1997 had dared to confide to the Pakistanis that CIA had forecast Pakistan's denouement by the year 2015. ... the NIC report cast a dark shadow on Pakistan's future five years ago.

"It said that by the year 2015 Pakistan would be a failed state, ripe with civil war, bloodshed, inter-provincial rivalries and a struggle for control of its nuclear weapons and its complete Talibanization. It had predicted, 'Pakistan will not recover easily from decades of political and economic mismanagement, divisive policies, lawlessness, corruption and ethnic friction'. Nascent democratic reforms will produce little change in the face of opposition from an entrenched political elite and radical Islamic parties. Further domestic decline would benefit Islamic political activists, who may significantly increase their role in national politics and alter the makeup and cohesion of the military, once Pakistan's most capable institution. In a climate of continuing domestic turmoil, the central government's control probably will be reduced to the Punjabi heartland and the economic hub of Karachi."

Al Basrah reported in August, 2008, that Senator Nisar A. Memon of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q warned Pakistan's upper house that "the Americans harboured the designs of breaking up Pakistan." He cited an earlier CIA report that predicted a "Yugoslavia-like fate for Pakistan in a decade with civil war, bloodshed and inter-provincial rivalries as seen in Balochsitan". He also quoted a Global Research report which alleged that, British intelligence agencies were providing covert support to Balochistan's terrorist separatists and that  "chaos and anarchy would be created through economic disruption, as result of which the International Monetary Fund would take Pakistan in its grip." 

While military operations continue in tribal areas of Pakistan, the Pakistani establishment is still stuck in the maze that was created by US Imperialist juggernauts and implemented to near perfection by former President and Army Chief of Pakistan Pervaiz Musharraf. Musharraf has done grave harm to the national security of Pakistan. The tremors of his jolts are still reverberating in Pakistani political and public spheres. The U-turns that Musharraf took under US pressure inflicted grave damages to Pakistan’s National and regional interests. Musharraf destroyed Pakistan’s Kashmir policy, Afghanistan policy, he bowed down in front of India, worst of all he gave a blank check to Washington to expand their CIA and FBI setup in Pakistan.

LONDON, January 29, 2005: It seems that our rulers, having learnt no lesson, stand condemned to repeat the same criminal blunders that converted Pakistan's most populated province into an independent state following the surrender of the Pakistani generals to the Indian army. That was December 1971.

Now 34 years later Pakistan has drifted into a similar situation in its biggest province. We had then, as now, a power drunk general heading an equally obdurate military coterie that would not listen to voices of reason, pleadings of political and saner elements for a democratic settlement according to the electoral verdict of the majority. Rest is history.

Balochistan today is facing a similar military operation as of erstwhile East Pakistan. President General Musharraf has cast the die. Not only a full-fledged military operation with all its fire and fury has been launched though denied by his media minions, the most deplorable rape of a doctor allegedly by army personnel, seems to have plunged a proud people into an irreparable and irreversible grief and a struggle that would be bloody with horrendous consequences.

- Wajid Shamsul Hasan,
former Pakistan High
Commissioner to the U.K.

Musharraf is gone, but his legacy of Imperial slavery is being continued whole-heartedly by President Zardari and his cronies. Of course the Pakistani parliament is a rubber-stamp body of most efficient crooks. The Pakistani presidency and Parliament is under complete control of CIA. The opposition parties are as corrupt as ruling PPP and are unable to stand up to Imperial hegemony. The Pakistani economy is completely under IMF and WB control with key former Citibank ‘goons’ in charge of destroying the industrial base of Pakistan.

Pakistan is right now in the midst of a brutal assault led by the U.S./Zionist energy-greedy, global imperialists. Aiding them in their enterprise are CIA, RAW (Indian Intel), Mossad, and MI6. They are targeting the complete destabilization of Pakistan, the destruction and dismantling of Pakistan’s nuclear program, control of oil, gas, and mineral rich, strategically-located Baluchistan, and North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan. The Indians are in it for their old Bharatmata (Greater India) plan of making Pakistan their satellite state.

Death Squads, Divisions and Supporting Terrorism

The complex power game that is going on right now in NWFP is based on some key methods and objectives.

Assassination: The CIA is using the same tactics that Negroponte used earlier in Honduras and Nicaragua, and then later in Iraq. These include the creation of local death squads and militias who kill one another and those listed for assassination by the CIA. (refer to Jeremy Scahill’s bestseller. 'Blackwater’).

Dividing to conquer: Different tribes and sub-tribes in Tribal areas of Pakistan are being set against one another and against the Pakistan Army. General McChrystal (former JSOC commander) has taken over command in Afghanistan, where Negroponte’s methods are being used again but they will not succeed as they did in Iraq. The Soviets have failed, using such tactics before when they were trying to suppress the mujahedeen.

Supporting Rogue Militants: The recent "surge" operation in South of Afghanistan (in Helmand) is aimed at making sure that rogue militants regroup deep inside Pakistan’s Baluchistan, to stage a large insurgency against Islamabad. Mossad, CIA, RAW and MI6 sponsored BLA and supported Jundullah, which  will also be used to create trouble inside Iran. Of course Al-Qaeda will keep "resurfacing" as long as it seems necessary to entertain the late evening news watcher.

While the Pakistan Army was busy in dealing with the Indian threat after Mumbai terrorist attacks, the TTP under the leadership of Baitullah Mehsud was regrouping and gaining control of Swat Valley and its adjoining areas. Musharraf had given a wild card to CIA which resulted in the CIA's penetration of Tribal Areas of Pakistan, their buying loyalties of rogue elements and militants better known as freelance terrorists (e.g. Chechens and Uzbeks, who have no home to which to return).

At stake for the CIA in Tribal areas and Pakistan’s North

"It's admitted by the CIA that these attacks serve to provoke more attacks by forces in Pakistan. Michael Hayden for example said: 'We use military operations to excite the enemy, prompting him to respond. In that response we learn so much'. These attacks will just continue because they hasten the larger US plan for the region: To destroy Pakistan to aid the main opposition to China in the region, India."

David Rothscum

Of greatest importance to Langley at this time is the land link between Pakistan and China. Washington wants this link to be cut to allow greater control by NATO troops of the region near China's border. Remember 1984, when India moved into Siachen glacier, the military objective was to take control of Pakistan-China Karakorum Highway. If the land link between China and Pakistan is cut off, the US would be willing to mediate between India and Pakistan in the Kashmir dispute. The Indian government will oblige if the U.S. guarantees that Pakistan is de-nuclearized and made a proxy of India.

The U.S. wants NATO troops in Kashmir to provide for communication posts deep inside Kashmir right next to China, and also for control of the vital Ladakh airfield.

In the imperial scheme, the predominantly Pushtoon population of NWFP would be either made part of Afghanistan or put under direct control of US troops. This is also part of the plan to balkanize Pakistan.

Another stake the CIA has is the huge quantities of minerals and resources lie beneath the soil of Tribal Areas and Swat. Swat contains massive quantities of emeralds and gold. Their abundance was the reason the TTP tried to control as much NWFP turf as possible. Bajaur, where a long battle was fought between Pakistan Army and TTP, has huge quantities of magnesium. Elsewhere in the tribal areas are deposits of coal, chromium, and other minerals. The TTP had taken control of three shuttered emerald mines in northwest Swat and used emeralds to fund their insurgency. But the Pakistan Army has now taken over the mines from TTP.

“God has given us enormous wealth in terms of emeralds from Swat, rubies, pink topaz, beautiful tourmaline,” said Ilyas Ali Shah, a gemologist with the government-run Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company.

“They would collect the emeralds and there would be an open tender every Sunday,” said Azhar ul Islam, a 44-year-old gem trader from Swat. “The profits were divided up — two-thirds for the miner and one-third for the Taliban.” (reminder: the Pakistan Taliban referred to here has nothing to do with the Afghan Taliban)

Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan are believed to hold up to 30-40 per cent of the world's emerald deposits, Shah says, with the precious stone fetching up to 2,000 dollars per carat depending on quality.

The Mess Created in the Tribal Areas by the CIA

The longer the Pakistan Army is stuck deep inside Tribal Areas and elsewhere the better it will be for hostile powers. When the military operation started in Swat and adjoining areas, there was a concern about the performance of Pakistan Army since the army did not have previous experience of fighting guerilla warfare in hilly, dense-foliage terrain. But the Pakistan Army was extremely efficient in quickly rooting out TTP from the area. Their effectiveness and precision is being appreciated by many Pakistani people. The US is creating a new trap for Pakistan Army in South and North Waziristan. Drone handlers will certainly not target Baitullah Mehsud, but they did target Maulvi Gulbahadur (located in North Waziristan). Gulbahadur was previously not supporting TTP but after the drone attack he has decided to join TTP. Qari Zainuddin, former Mehsud accomplice, had turned against him and spoken openly against Mehsud, calling him a RAW (Indian Intel) and Mossad agent, Zainuddin was killed soon afterwards. Brian Cloughley, author of ‘War, coups, and terror’, a book on Pakistan Army, said in his recent article,

“One of Mehsud’s many enemies was Maulvi Nazir of the Ahmedzai Wazirs who had killed a lot of Uzbek nasties in South Waziristan and was thus deemed to be helping Pakistan’s security as well as ridding the world of ‘guest militants’ who crossed the border to attack international troops in Afghanistan... He had an agreement, a non-aggression pact, to put it in plain terms, with the Pakistan Army, which was satisfied that it had at least one ally in the region, who would be badly needed when it eventually became practicable to launch a major military operation in South Waziristan (as distinct from the professionally commendable but necessarily limited action in 2007."

Cloughley continues,

“But the Americans wanted to keep on using their video game, the drone-fired missiles, to blitz FATA and kill everyone who they considered to be a 'bad guy." This included targeting Maulvi Nazir, who decided that he could do without the attentions of drones and blamed Islamabad for letting CIA have their little parties. When the missile attacks continued to be directed at him, Nazir decided he had had enough, and switched sides and joined a union with Mehsud, ostensibly against 'the Americans'."

FATA (tribal areas of Pakistan) and light brown provinces of Afghanistan under control of Taliban.

Possible Terrorist Attack on Nuclear Installations

Another reason why TTP will be used to create turmoil inside Pakistan is that there are some key nuclear installations not very far from FATA or NWFP. As many writers have said and I have also mentioned in my last article, it is imperative for the Zionist agenda that the world sees Pakistan as an irresponsible nuclear state. In order to achieve this, a possible terrorist act against a nuclear site in Pakistan will do wonders to grab world attention and might even make it to the UN Security Council. There are reports circulating in Pakistan that a similar plan is underway. It was first reported by Asian Tribune, and then by a few other Pakistan newspapers including the oldest and most widely-read Urdu daily, Jang. Top private news channels have also picked up the story. The report has also grabbed attention of some think tanks in Islamabad. The report says that Indian intelligence has given money and logistics to Baitullah Mehsud to execute an attack on a key nuclear installation of Pakistan.

Nuclear sites in Pakistan

There are a number of reasons to give credence to this report. First and foremost is the ultra secret movement of JSOC (Joint Special Operation Command) in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Since Obama came into office Pakistan is no longer considered an ally but a hostile nation under ‘AfPak’ strategy. What is JSOC up to in Pakistan? Why are BLA, Jundullah, Al-Qaeda, TTP all regrouping inside Baluchistan?

China is working on at least two civilian nuclear reactors in Pakistan. If Pakistan is declared a rogue nuclear nation and put under IAEA sanctions, China’s strategic interest in Pakistan will be further reduced. More importantly, stopping Pakistan’s nuclear program through UNSC sanctions and IAEA inspections will be used in case of an attack.

There have been news reports coming in from all sources that Israeli Air force has conducted a massive exercise for an air attack possibly against Iran. Were the air strike exercises meant for Iran? Mossad, CIA, and NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) all agree that Iran is at least three to five years away from completing a bomb, if indeed it is on their agenda. Plus Israel has conducted war games and exercises many times before which raises the question of why the sudden need to conduct a massive exercise now.         

The Death of Indian nuclear scientist, Lokanathan Mahalingam

Another important issue is that of the Indian nuclear scientist’s mysterious disappearance and then the recovery of his dead body. Imagine, if a Pakistani or Iranian nuclear scientist would have disappeared what melodrama would have been generated by Zionist controlled Fox News, CNN, and BBC. The disappearance of Indian nuclear scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam was not even reported in major newspapers and news channels. According to information available from South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI), after missing for six days, his body was found from Kali River in Kaiga township in Karwar, Karnataka, India. Details of the cause of his death, assassination or suicide are unknown. If he was killed, who was his assassin and what was the motive?

According to the information from SASSI, Mahalingam was working at Kaiga Atomic Power Plant which is not under IAEA safeguards, and is not a civilian reactor. It’s part of India’s nuclear weapons complex where their plutonium based weapons are designed. Before this another employee of the same nuclear plant, Ravi Mule was murdered and his body was found in a jungle in Kaiga area. Previously, significant quantities of uranium have been stolen from India’s nuclear installations.

It is simply impossible that Mahalingam was not under supervision of Indian security agencies since he has been working in a nuclear weapons facility for the past few years. His disappearance for six days and later, his death, is extremely mysterious. Is there a team of rogue agents trying to get their hold on a dirty bomb or are government agencies behind his death? If rogue agents are involved, who will be the target? If government agents, what is their motive?

Obama's expansion of the Bush legacy portends failure

The Bush legacy of military adventurism and secret operations against people of Middle East is being continued by Obama. With the implementation of ‘Holbrooke doctrine’ and ‘AfPak’, this region is set for more turmoil and chaos. Other than Iran, Pakistan is the most important country in the region geo-strategically after Afghanistan. Because Afghanistan is the "heart of Asia", turmoil in Afghanistan will mean chaos and turmoil in the entire region. Destabilisation leading to western control is the objective. But sooner or later NATO and US troops from Afghanistan will have to leave; Afghanistan is after all known as a graveyard of empires and invading armies. The Pakistan Army dragged into the "war on terror" trap by Gen. Musharraf is also looking at options to find its way out of this maze. The Pakistan government has said that Taliban of Afghanistan must be bought into the Afghan government. That necessity has also been voiced by Hamid Karzai and the commanders of US and NATO troops.

However, Mullah Omar looks to be in no mood to negotiate and he's in a strong position with his loyal Taliban commanders and allies controlling over 70% of Afghanistan. With the U.S. economy faltering beneath the plunge resulting from the Bush’s "war on terrorism", it’s likely that anti-US forces in the region will join hands and create more trouble in Afghanistan for the U.S., NATO and their puppet regime in Kabul under Karzai. Instead of learning from past mistakes, consolidating and using greater caution, the U.S. is opening more fronts against Iran and China. India has backed the wrong horse again, they backed Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, but sadly for them the Soviets were kicked out in a decade. Then came the takeover of Afghanistan by the pro-Pakistan Taliban who crushed pro-Indian elements. But power hungry nations never seem to learn from their mistakes. India has now has backed the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan hoping that they can take care of Afghanistan and Pakistan problem once and for all but surely, history will repeat itself again.


Practically speaking, Pakistan is virtually without a government as the government in power is totally off tangent from the demands of the people. There is a consensus building amongst the people in Pakistan that the time has come to rid themselves of this corrupt system and bring about a peoples revolution. It will be a long and difficult process, but alignment of the mindset of the people is the first and necessary step. The corrupt politicians of Pakistan do not have nine lives of a cat anymore. We predict the change begin in the near future. The chains of imperial slavery will be broken; Pakistanis have learned that their country is neither, an Iraq nor an Afghanistan that can be subdued by putting a Karzai, or Talabani in the presidential palace. True that Zardari has damaged Pakistan as much as he can just like Musharraf did before him but solidarity is growing and the people are gearing up for a change and the battle of ideas has just begun.

Source >  Axis of Logic

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