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Israel And The Logic of Being Untouchable
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‘I, the LORD your God will send my terror ahead of you and throw every nation you encounter into confusion…I will drive out all these peoples before you, and you will dispossess nations larger and stronger than you. Every place you set your foot will be yours…Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea. No one will be able to stand against you and I, the LORD your God will put terror and dread of you on the whole land, wherever you go….”

–“Yahweh”, the god of Israel speaking to the Israelites through Moses, Books of Exodus and Deuteronomy

It is a scene (much like that infamous one involving the severed horse’s head in The Godfather) that has doubtlessly been burned into the memories now of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. In the movie The Untouchables (dealing with the same theme of murderers and thugs) Robert DeNiro (playing real-life gangster Al Capone) dressed in the finest clothing money can buy is giving a speech in a fancy dining room full of his fawning criminal associates. The opulence and sophistication of the environment clash with the known fact that the room is peopled with individuals who–for all intents and purposes–are nothing but professional thugs and terrorists, despite their fancy threads, diamond pinky-rings, expensive cigars and $1,000-a-bottle champagne.

Having finished his “motivational” speech amidst the applause and appreciative laughter of all those listening, without warning he puts the “finishing touches” on his message by taking a baseball bat to the back of the head of one of his fellow travelers and beats him to death to the astonishment and horror of all.

Despite the fact that the first KA-BLAM to his victim’s skull no doubt sent him on to meet his maker in haste, DeNiro keeps wailing away, blow after blow after blow without mercy. When he finishes, he stands there, shifting his furious, menacing gaze from person to person, the unmistakable message on his face being–This is what happens when you get on my bad side fellas…

Such is the world of gangsters and terrorists. They know only one language and one way of life, which is to live by the sword. Thus they can only hold their organically-chaotic world together with fear and violence, and what this means more often than not is that the top dog of the pack has to make an example of one of the others (and even when nothing wrong has been done) just to remind the crew what the law of the jungle is all about and how not only is he to be feared, but indeed feared at all times.

And this is the unfortunate thing about terrorism–It works. It keeps people on their toes and at the same time off balance. For those living in close proximity to such circumstances, every moment is spent in dread and under the assumption that this day may be the last, that something might be said or done as seemingly insignificant as forgetting to cross a “t” or dot an “i” that results in someone getting whacked.

This is a theme worth consideration, and particularly when wading through the oceans of ‘expert’ analysis concerning Israel’s latest orgy of bloodletting in Gaza. Whether such cerebral commentary emanates from slightly-horrified people on the left or from orgasmic cheerleaders on the right, all seem to be micro-analyzing the event, theorizing what the “real” motivations were for bringing it about as well as projecting and predicting “this and that” with regards to future political machinations and circumstances involving the Jewish state and her neighbors.

Predictably, some of these “experts” think the bottom line is all financial in nature and see dollar signs as the reason, always safe waters in which to swim these days since you can’t be accused of being a bigot for pointing out the fact that the love of money is the root of all evil. The argument of course is that Israel is not the master but rather the unwitting slave (surprise, surprise) meaning a vassal state of mega-corporations, and– against her otherwise-humanitarian, peace-loving nature, of course–she is acting as the reluctant-yet-obedient hired gun in doing to Gaza what Halliburton and others did to Iraq in exploiting the various petroleum commodities deep underground. Others of the “Military-Industrial-Complex-is-the-root-of-all-evil-and-the-hidden-hand-in-all-things” crowd add even more smoke to an already-confusing battlefield-of-ideas by claiming that the 6,000 people in Gaza killed or maimed in Operation Cast Lead were in effect “lab rats” in testing out new weaponry America is hoping to sell to other countries, also a safe theory to stand behind, as it makes Uncle Sam the bad guy rather than poor, little Israel.

Of course, these ideas and many others may have some truth to them. After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and if it is one thing all should have learned by now it’s that the ruling elite always find ways of squeezing every drop of blood they can out of the proverbial turnip and if there is to be violence somewhere then by all means it should be capitalized in maximizing every opportunity possible.

However, keeping the discussion in that over-intellectualized/ultra-technical realm, where complex themes are bantered about with even more complex language tends to distract otherwise concerned and interested persons from seeing that there are other motivating factors responsible for the bloodbath not as complicated as some might imagine. The problem however in this regard is that we’re not allowed to talk about these things, because they veer sharply into that uneasy realm of religion and how “matters of faith” can and do result in real-world actions on the part of true believers. Complicating this even further is the fact it is not just ANY religion under the microscope here, but rather the “gorilla in the room” tearing the place to pieces in one of its all-too-typical rampages. And if this weren’t bad enough, it is not just ANY gorilla of the ordinary, run-of-the-mill variety, but rather the “mother of them” all–King Kong Incarnate, and that gorilla’s name is Judaism.

Of course, over-propagandized people (and particularly those of the “Judeo-Christian” flavor) coming into contact with such an outlandish theory as this for the first time will no doubt ask how a “peace-loving/God-fearing religion” such as Judaism could find any moral justification for going in an slaughtering entire towns and cities of people, men women and children.

Well, the answer to that is as easy as the proverbial pouring water out of a boot with the directions on the heel. All one need do is spend 15 minutes strolling down memory lane and read that “Holy Book” known as the Old Testament and all its tales of Deity-inspired genocide against ‘the other’ for the prize to that million dollar question.

And at the risk of appearing like a broken record, what people must understand is that any kind of working comprehension concerning events in the Middle East must begin with the awareness that the Jews are creatures of their Old Testament, its various commandments, characters and covenants. The way they understand the big ol’ universe, as long as they do what their god Yahweh tells them with regards to slaughtering those who have fallen out of favor with him, then he will reward his chosen people with all sorts of perks, a few of which include ruling the world with a rod of iron and, relevant to this discussion–filling others with “terror and dread“.

Terror and dread. There isn’t a right-thinking human being in the world having witnessed what Israel did to the civilian population of Gaza recently who doesn’t understand this concept now. Every single Prime Minister, president, sultan, emir, and even the Pope himself, having watched this event and the complete lack of conscience on the part of–not just the Jewish state in the Middle East, but indeed the Jewish people worldwide, did a quick count of Israel’s 200 nuclear weapons, Jewish control of finance and economics in their respective countries and who then understood the very powerful yet subtle message being sent. Just as those seated around the table when that guy’s brains were beaten out all over the place, every person of measurable power in the world now understands how easily they could wind up in place of the Palestinians in Gaza if they don’t play their cards right. We can also be sure that this bloodshed–taking place as it is right before the “peaceful” transition of power in America where a dark-skinned man with a Muslim-sounding name took over was meant to convey a particular message as well lest he have any lingering questions about what kind of dog he is dealing with.

What it all boils down to, after all the fancy talk and theories, is that the reason this attack took place is because the great experiment in Jewish self-rule in the Middle East is failing. By virtue of the corruption, blackmail and bribery that must take place in lieu of Yahweh’s Old Testament miracles in keeping this sickly stillborn known as the Jewish state alive, the fact is that Yahweh is not living up to his promises. The stories in the Old Testament that revel in the Israelites’ defeat of the various peoples living there are over and done with in a few sentences. The Israelites invade, kill everyone and everything, collect the spoils, burn the cities and with no losses.

Now however, 60 years later, it is still dragging on with no signs of letting up. All those promises by their god to “drive out” the various peoples living there has not happened. The assurance that “Every place you set your foot will be yours“ has turned out to be one giant goose egg.…The plan to make their territory extend “from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea” is so much like that infamous “Special report” Geraldo Rivera did years ago when he opened Al Capone’s secret vault, only to find nothing. The “No one will be able to stand against you and I, the LORD your God will put terror and dread of you on the whole land, wherever you go” is not materializing…

On the contrary, the Palestinians and other “Ishmaelites” in the area are not giving up. The “terror” and “dread” Yahweh is supposed to be sowing in their hearts and minds is not there, save for a few corrupt leaders who fear losing their multi-million dollar paychecks courtesy of Uncle Sam. The people themselves–be they Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad or whatever–do not fear the Jews as the Jews dream. The spell that the god of Israel is supposed to cast over Israel’s foes has no power. The harder the Arabs are hit… the more miserable their lives are made, the stronger their resolve to survive and as a result the Jews are getting batty. Every rock-throwing child or bottlerocket-launching member of Hamas is a living testimony to the fact that the god of the Jews is a fantasy, a mirage and a tin god with no real power outside of his ability to destroy their humanity. Whereas the “Christian” world cowers in fear merely at the prospect of being called names by the Jews, Palestinian Muslim children stare down Israeli tanks KNOWING they will be blown to bits and have no fear in their hearts, and again, in effect making a liar out of Yahweh and his promises of “putting terror” into the hearts of Israel’s enemies.

And indeed, if this is all mere fantasy, if there is no “Yahweh” and there is no “terror” being put in the hearts and minds of Israel’s enemies, what else is there? What other surprises are there in store? What other ideas upon which the Jewish state and Jewish identity have been founded are also rooted in fantasy? By extension, the moment Yahweh is revealed for the fraud he is, they cease being the “chosen” people “destined” to rule the world while “making footstools” of all their enemies…

…and it is the prospect of this, the possibility of falling from grace and being forced to face the reality that they are not the most beautiful and cherished creatures in the garden, that they are not the god-men they envision themselves being but rather mere mortals is too much reality for them to handle…

…which is why innocent men, women and children have to be bombed into oblivion, to keep the delusion alive and to stave off coming to grips with the truth that they–the Jews–are a mad people who have formed their identity around mad notions rooted in superiority and unadulterated narcissism. By virtue of this latest slaughter that figured (with the now-official blessings of worldwide Jewry) deliberate targeting of women and children, phosphorous bombs, using the bodies of dead children for target practice or loosing attack dogs on their remains, what the Jewish state and its supporters throughout the world are saying in effect is–

“We are barbarians…We hold no value in the lives of Gentiles who were created by the god of Israel to serve us…You will see things our way and you will participate in our delusion even if it means the consummation of all life on earth, and by our actions you now know we are willing to do it…”

 None should be particularly surprised to learn of this. If it is one theme shoved down the throats of the Gentile world now for the last 4,000 years it’s that Israel, both as a people and now as a nation–is not like “other” nations. As she is fond of telling the rest of the world, her fabric and being cannot be compared to anything else. She is, as former Defense Minister Moshe Dayan called her, “a mad dog“, and as notable individuals from Menachem Begin to Elie Wiesel to Rabbi Mendel Schneerson have stated–“ontologically different”…that her people are “of a totally different quality from the other nations of the world“ since a non-Jewish soul comes from “three satanic spheres” while the Jewish soul “stems from holiness”.

In short, they make up this class of creation known as “the Untouchables,” and along with that comes a peculiar “logic” that escapes the understanding of the rest of us.

Yes, sometimes it really is as simple as that, something that does not need a whole hell of a lot of expert analysis and decoding. And remember, since 9/11, boiling it all down to whacked-out religious reasons is not just perfectly acceptable, but absolutely obligatory. We are not just permitted, but rather COMMANDED to put aside all “technical” explanations involving factors such as economics, history, colonialism or politics into the equation when trying to understand in a rational way this thing called “Islamic” terrorism. No, when it comes to understanding Ahab the Arab and why he wants to kill everyone, things such as “jihad”, “fatwa” and “72 virgins” will suffice, thank you very much.

Perhaps it was the remarks attributed to Mr. War Criminal Ariel Sharon himself who best encapsulated the Untouchable mindset as well as the idea that “Jews will be Jews” in an interview taking place in 1982-

“…You can call me anything you like. Call me a monster or a murderer. Call Israel by any name you like, call it a Judeo-Nazi state. Why not? Better a live Judeo-Nazi than a dead saint. I am not after the admiration of the gentiles. I don’t need their love. I don’t need to be loved by Jews either…”

“Even if you’ll prove to me that the present war in Lebanon is a dirty immoral war, I don’t care. Moreover, even if you will prove to me that we have not achieved and will not achieve any of our aims in Lebanon, that we will neither create a friendly regime in Lebanon nor destroy the Syrians or even the PLO, even then I don’t care. It was still worth it. And do you know why it is all worth it? Because it seems that this war has made us more unpopular among the so-called civilized world…”

“We’ll hear no more of that nonsense about that unique Jewish morality and all the bullshit talk about a unique people being a light upon nations. No more uniqueness and no more sweetness and light. Good riddance…I personally don’t want to be any better than Harry Truman who killed half a million Japanese with two fine bombs…”

“Tell me, do the baddies of this world have a bad time? They hunt and catch whatever they feel like eating. They don’t suffer from indigestion and are not punished by Heaven. I want Israel to join that club. Maybe the world will then at last begin to fear us instead of feeling sorry. Maybe they will start to tremble, to fear our madness instead of admiring our nobility. Let them tremble, let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a wild country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go crazy, that we might go wild and burn all the oil fields in the Middle East, or that we might start World War Three just like that…”

“Let me tell you what is the most important thing, the sweetest fruit of the war in Lebanon: It is that now they don’t just hate Israel. Thanks to us, they now also hate all those Jews in Paris, London, New York, Frankfurt and Montreal, in all their holes, and I am telling you, it is a pleasure to watch. They are being identified with us and that’s a good thing…Their cemeteries are being desecrated, their synagogues are set on fire, all their old nicknames are being revived, they are being expelled from the best clubs, people shoot into their ethnic restaurants murdering small children, forcing them to remove any sign showing them to be Jews, forcing them to move and change their profession…”

“We are Judeo-Nazis, and why not? If your nice civilized parents had come here and had killed six million Arabs here or even one million, what would have happened? Sure, two or three nasty pages would have been written in the history books, we would have been called all sorts of names, but we could be here today as a people of 25 million…”

“Even today I am willing to volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us, to pull the rug from underneath the feet of the Diaspora Jews, so that they will be forced to run to us crying. Even if it means blowing up one or two synagogues here and there, I don’t care. And I don’t mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. What you don’t understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it…”

Source >  The Ugly Truth

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