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Israeli Military "Stomping" Babies to death in Gaza
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GAZA: Norwegian doctors have turned over evidence to the United Nations showing that Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Troops have ‘stomped’ the heads of at least 18 Arab babies causing immediate death due to the ‘ejection of mass brain matter’.

One of these Arab babies brutally stomped to death [pictured below] was reported to be one-and-a-half years old and upon his skull being crushed so that his brain matter expelled, the Israeli soldier were reported to have ‘screamed with delight’ that this babies death was ‘one less vermin we’ll have to fight in the future’.

Such is the utter savagery of the Israelis. They are a mostly a psychotic people due to years of inbreeding as required by their gutter religion, Judaism. According to that religion, jews can only marry other jews.

Over centuries, this often meant cousins marrying, which fouled the gene pool causing widespread mental illness in most later generations of jews.

To this day, it is common to see jews with ugly, large heads, similar to Down's syndrome, and yet this race of mutants is permitted to procreate.

Since Israel is home to millions of these biological obscenities created through generational inbreeding, the jews in Israel suffers from a plethora of mental illnesses which drives them to savagery and murder.

Like any other defective, savage animal, the Israelis should be put out of their misery . . . . . and out of ours.

Source >  Hal Turner Show | jan 08

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