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It is demographics, stupid!
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L’Occidente declina demograficamente perchè il suo sistema è immorale

Demography is the science of studying population trends in a group, society or country. It also acts as graphical method to represent the population density in a country. Today the West enjoys monopoly in global affairs, from science and technology to geopolitics and art of living to methods of intellectual growth. But this is all set to change. And demography trends that have been prevailing for some decades are to blame.

Post World War-II the West went through some major changes in psychosocial and philosophical domains challenging and altering basic premises of human relationship and behaviour. This included the rise of feminism, assault on church and religion to achieve requisite breathing cultural space, creating chinks in armour of family system and curbing women's desire for bearing children by declaring it burdensome.

This was done so consistently that free culture became the new religion of the West and any deviation from or rebuttal of this new religion was considered antitheses of progress. Whereas the freedom enjoyed by men and women temporarily unleashed tremendous physical and intellectual energy, and the West experienced unprecedented growth in four decades following World War II, it totally destroyed the institution of marriage and started atomizing the families into individual households and concept of single living gained currency. This created inversion of demographic trends and has metamorphosed into a monstrous problem. In simple words, the whites are declining while non-whites are rising. I agree with Patrick J Buchanan the writer of The Death of the West, that the basic reason is the system.

Capitalism and communism, both intended to unleash collective and individual human energy to achieve the ultimate goal of human happiness and progress. However, both followed different paths, communism focused on collective effort whereas capitalism resorted to empowering individual. Allama Iqbal in his epoch-making poetry pointed out that mechanical behaviour of the West would kill the finer aspects of love and affection in the long-term. He prophesized that the West was heading for a collective suicide, for a system founded on false premises could not last longer.

The great experiment of capitalism unleashed human energy of gigantic proportions, and within one century the West progressed to new heights of development. However, it started losing track of one important factor of human progress, the ability to maintain minimum rate of human production. Without any midway correction the West kept progressing on the same path for such a long duration that it crossed the Rubicon of demographics creating a situation that it requires almost 100 years to address this imbalance.

Pat Buchanan in The Death of the West describes the demographic catastrophe in following words: "The West is dying. Its nations have ceased to reproduce, and their populations have stopped growing and begun to shrink. Not since the Black Death carried off a third of Europe in the fourteenth century has there been a graver threat to the survival of Western civilisation. Today, in 17 European countries, there are more burials than births, more coffins than cradles...As a growing population has long been a mark of healthy nations and rising civilisations, falling populations have been a sign of nations and civilisations in decline. If that holds true, Western civilisation, power and wealth aside, is in critical condition. For, like the Cheshire Cat, the people of the West have begun to fade away."

What are the global effects of this demographic imbalance and how these are going to shape the future of the world? We can make some plausible conclusions:

The rapidly graying and aging population of the West would warrant massive demand for immigrants.

Services sector would assume greater importance. Since Asia and especially Muslim countries are experiencing an unprecedented youth bulge with human resource surplus, the deficit in population can only be met by the West through an import of immigrants from Asian lands.

The clash of interest between native white population and immigrant non-white population will give rise to Nazism and neo-fascism, a phenomenon already gaining currency in the white communities in the West.

The West's ability to control the events at global scale will gradually diminish; the so-called Long War (GWOT) has already exposed this vulnerability where the US Army, for the first time in history, is allowing criminals and convicts to join the military ranks to meet the deficiency of soldier and officer cadres. Prosecution of Long War with open-ended objectives cannot be pursued by technology alone, you need men behind guns to run the show.

With 70 percent reliance on services sector an economy would only keep moving if the fuel for services sector (youth with median age of 30 to 40 years) is kept constantly supplied in sufficient quantity. The graying population of the West has already crossed this Rubicon, where the services sector is now totally dominated by the non-white immigrants. Mr Obama may make a 100 recovery packages; this is a losing game where the bottomless basket of the services sector will become a black hole.

The good old West and its leadership should fall back to old family system, it may take a long to reverse these demographic trends, but there is a hope for better. You wait another decade and the spiral of these trends would become irreversible, and the white man will become an endangered species.

For the Long War, my firm belief is that West's hope for Alexander the Great to strike his sword once again or the old Romans to revive back their dominance in the world may prove counterproductive. I think the new Hannibal is going to win the Punic war, the new Moors are going to win the battle of Tours and the city of Venice is going to fall to the new Ottomans. It is very simple that an 80 year old Richard the lion hearted cannot fight a 20 year old Saladin; it is demographics, stupid!

Source >  The Nation | nov 2009

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