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Jesus Christ 'Hate Criminal'?
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If Jesus walked the earth today in Canada and most European countries, He would be an oft-convicted "hate criminal." In some hate laws countries it is now an indictable offense to publicly criticize Jesus' primary target: sinners in need of God's love and salvation!


Five years ago, a northern Canadian Christian called to tell me he had been passing out gospel tracts in his town when a police officer informed him that provincial law now banned such "hate speech." If he kept witnessing, he would be arrested.

In Holland, Dutch relatives plead with us to keep hate laws from coming to America. There, anyone who publicly criticizes "sinners" (such as fornicators, adulterers, or homosexuals) faces arrest.

In Iceland, virtually any critical public speech is a hate crime.

In England, even wearing a cross is a hate crime. The government sees it as judgmental against non-Christians.

Because Jesus boldly, publicly reproved all sinners regardless of consequences to Himself, He would now suffer multiple arrests, imprisonments, and huge legal costs if He lived in most hate law countries.

There is one hate crime for which He would suffer the most: being an "anti-Semite." The Jewish Anti-Defamation League created hate laws. Anti-Christian Jewish-dominated attack-groups such as ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way and the American Civil Liberties Union are the spiritual and physical descendants of those Jesus excoriated: the Pharisees. ADL has made sure that in all of its hate law bureaucracies worldwide, any criticism of matters Jewish is deemed anti-Semitic and punished severely.

History of Jewish "Speech Criminals"

In ancient Israel, under leadership of false priests, prophets, and evil kings, it was as much a speech crime to criticize the Jewish people as it is in Canada today. One of Jesus' first acts of public "anti-Semitism" occurred in his home synagogue of Nazareth. Standing before the congregation, He criticized the unworthiness of most Jews during the history of Israel. His listeners were so enraged they tried to throw him over a cliff! (Luke 6:16-30) Three years later their leaders finally succeeded in having him crucified. If these Jews lived in Canada today, they would surely have filed a hate crimes charge against Jesus for holding the Jewish people up to "hatred and contempt." The Pharisees would have filed charges for each of His dozens of accusations against them. Each charge of Jewish hurt feelings would bring a $5,000 fine. Of course, Jesus would repeat the offense and face many contempt of court charges and years of imprisonment as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars of fines and legal costs.

All the greatest Hebrew prophets would join Him in prison. Ahab accused Elijah of the "anti-Semitic" crime of troubling Israel. Ahab declared him to be Israel's most wanted hate criminal for criticizing its sin and bringing three years of drought. Jeremiah was repeatedly accused by both laity and leaders of speaking against the Jewish people and their holy city. For this they threw him in a well to die. In almost every age, going back to Israel's exodus from Egypt, evil Jewish leaders forbade criticism of God's chosen people. During the Exodus the rebels of Korah said, "all the congregation is holy… and the Lord is among them." (Deuteronomy 16:3) They denounced Moses as an enemy of the people for criticizing and judging evil Hebrews.

Since then history has recorded the rise of Pharisaism and enshrinement of their Talmud and Zohar as the highest religious guide to Jews of all time. Today Talmudic Jews still consider it very wrong, even blasphemous, for any Gentile to criticize the Chosen Race. In fact, ADL's Office of Global Anti-Semitism in the US State Department says any "strong" criticism of Israel, including its leaders or military, is anti-semitic.

Could America become an environment as hostile as ancient Israel, imprisoning or even eventually killing those who criticize the Jews? We are moving rapidly in that direction. ADL's federal hate crimes bill, recently passed by the US House and Senate, is designed to transform America into a speech crimes tyranny just like ancient Israel under its most oppressive leadership.

Yet because Jewish-dominated media gives the hate bill issue virtually no attention, wanting the hate bill passed without discussion, even most Conservatives consider it minor legislation. (See, "Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish") Result: most of the tens of thousands of tea-party tax and town hall protesters have not included the hate bill in their criticisms of the Democrats this spring and summer.

In reality, the hate bill is by far the most dangerous legislation ever passed by the House and Senate. It is designed to lead directly to the end of free speech and subsequent loss of all other freedoms in America. In the remaining weeks before it goes to the President for signing, Americans must speak out in their protest-gatherings. We must bombard Obama with demands he not sign it - on penalty of massive damage to the Democrats in next year's midterm elections.

Last Minute Opportunity

We are very, very late in effectively protesting the hate bill. Yet a window of opportunity is opening. Obama threatens to veto the National Defense Appropriations Bill with hate bill attached, if it contains too much military "pork." Congressional leaders seem determined to defy the President and include excessive arms spending. There now exists a real possibility that the defense/hate bill could be vetoed - especially if wide-spread hate bill protest increases. Democrats could be made to fear that they and the President might become even less popular, especially at mid-terms next year, if the President signs a hate bill most Americans hate.

We must seize this opportunity and

1. Protest the hate bill loudly at town hall meetings (Family Research Council lists all the upcoming town halls in your area, Click Here.) Attend with powerfully indicting questions contained in my recent e-alert "Blast Hate Bill at Town Hall Meetings!" at Truthtellers.org.
2. Fax the President at 1-202-456-2461 with this statement, "We will never forgive or forget if you sign the freedom-stealing, pedophile-protecting hate bill." (The toll free number to the President's comment line, 202-456-1111, is almost constantly busy as a result of health-care protest.)

Tragically, Christian/Conservatives, through two decades of general inattention to the hate law threat and relatively low opposition through winter and spring, are largely responsible for allowing the hate bill to pass both houses of Congress. Predictably, no major evangelical "watchdog" group has joined with me this summer in rousing last minute hate bill protests at town hall meetings, or bombarding the White House with faxes demanding the President not sign the bill.

The hate bill cobra, with a Star of David pattern on its throat, is still confined. Yet if finally released by the master snake charmer, Obama, it will slither forth to unerringly bite and torment one group above all others…

The followers of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Ted Pike, National Prayer Network

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  TheRebel.org | sept 01

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