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Jimmy Traficante’s Message to Organized Jewish Interests
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Dearly beloved, on this solemn September 11th weekend, let us observe a moment of silence, not only for the 3,000 Americans killed (whose deaths Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Bubba Netanyahu characterized as “good” because it would generate “immediate sympathy” for Israel) but rather for those living who wish they were dead…

Who? Well, I can’t really name names, but I know they exist and are going through a veritable hell on earth right now, a holocaust of sorts that would scare the B-Jesus out of even the most battle-hardened veterans dealing with hazardous duty.

What I am talking about of course are those poor, lowly gentile slobs tasked with the truly horrific chore of changing Abe “The Weisel” Foxman’s diapers following the now-infamous interview appearing on Fox News between former Congressman Jim Traficante and Greta Van Susteren.

Foxman at the ADL (as well as his other partners in crime in sister organizations such as AIPAC, WJC, AJC et al) must be a real handful right now, no pun intended. No doubt, following Traficante’s release from the prison cell to which he had been kept prisoner by Jewish interests for daring to stand up against them years earlier and his debut on Fox News where he gave just a sampling of the kinds of songs he will be singing in the days and weeks to come, no doubt Abe and the rest of the made men in the Kosher Nostra gang have been stinking up the place pretty bad with all their kvetching, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The reasons for their collective tummy-ache is not that difficult to discern. No doubt assuming his 7-year stay in prison had broken his otherwise-indomitable spirit, the fact that Traficante has come out bucking like a rodeo bull could not have come at a worse time as far as Jewish interests are concerned. It is after all taking place at a time when the narcotic effects of the Zionist potion poured into the community well in America are beginning to wear off and growing numbers of Americans are beginning to awaken from their trance. Parents who lost sons and daughters serving in the US Military are now realizing with dawning horror that their loved ones were robbed from them the way a pack of wolves carries off calves from the flock…Breaking news stories are beginning to pop up with semi-regularity depicting shysters like Bernie Madoff and organ harvesting/gun wielding rabbis as they are hauled off in chains by American Law enforcement officers.

In short, mob lawyers such as Foxman et al tasked with the job of getting their client–meaning powerful Jewish interests–acquitted of all charges despite the fact they themselves know they are guilty as hell–have their hands full as it is, but then to have Traficante come strolling out and announce on one of the most widely-viewed news networks that he has “grudges” that he is out to remedy “big time” obviously cannot be seen as welcome news for the you-know-whos. It is no different than mob boss Michael Corleone finding out that Frank Pentangeli was alive and was singing like a bird about everything he knew concerning the inner workings of “the family” at a time things are falling apart piece by piece.

Not that Jimmy “the Bull” Traficante’s story of being set up for prison–for all intents and purposes a mob hit arranged by powerful Jewish interests–would likely receive any attention from an American people more interested in how many pounds Britney Spears put on this week than an act of political gangsterism that robbed an otherwise-innocent man of 7 years of his life. Rather, it is the fact that as a member of the US House spending a lot of time in the belly of the beast, he saw and heard things that the “made men” of La Kosher Nostra prefer not be discussed in public, things dealing with Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, the Jewish spy Jonathon Pollard, Israeli spying before and after 9/11, the dancing Mossad officers arrested on 9/11, Israel’s connection to the mailing of the anthrax letters and–as Greta Van Susteren said in the intro to the Fox News interview–So much more…

In short, Jimmy “The Bull” knows where all the bodies are buried, who pulled the trigger in these various “hits” and a whole host of other items that would no doubt leave otherwise-uninterested/uninformed Americans wide-eyed and speechless.

And no one should have any doubts that this is exactly what Traficante has in mind. You don’t come out in front of the entire world and start off your very first interview claiming that powerful Jewish interests were the ones responsible for throwing you in the hole for 7 years and then decide to clam up afterwards. When he states clearly that the Jewish state is scamming Americans to the tune of $15 billion a year at a time when Americans are being thrown out of their homes, and then going further by bringing the math of it home in a personal way, saying that this equates to as much as $30,000 a year for every man woman and child he is laying down the gauntlet. When he discusses the “stranglehold” that Jewish interests have over the American government, expanding this by pointing out these interests control the media and commerce of America and that the reason America is going bankrupt is because of her being used as Israel’s bitch in  implementing an “expansionist” policy in the Middle East on the behalf of the Jews, resulting in America’s children coming home in “body bags” he is letting the powers-that-be know he is playing hardball.

In effect, Traficante spent 7 years mulling over what he would do when he got out, imagining every conceivable chess move he and his enemies would make and is now bringing those imaginings to life and doing so with a smile on his face, all the while reminding the thugs and crooks responsible for putting him in prison that old saying about paybacks being a bitch.

The theory that Traficante means to settle business on “unfinished accounts” with Jewish interests and that these interests know his testimony could deliver near-fatal blows to them is evident in how they are characterizing his interview on Fox News. From New York to DC to Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, all media outlets in control of La Kosher Nostra are working in collusion to taint his testimony before it hits the ears of Americans by characterizing it as –surprise, surprise–”anti-Semitic” and nothing more than the “spewing” of “conspiracy theories”, no different in its flavor than the same worn-out response wise guys use to give decades ago when asked about the existence of the criminal underworld which was, “There’s no such thing as the Mafia”.
Indeed, a fight is building–much like the collision of pockets of hot and cold air resulting in a tornado of sorts–between powerful Jewish interests whose organically-criminal behavior has resulted in legions of enemies springing up around them and those they have bullied. All those who have hungered and thirsted for justice in wanting to see these powerful Jewish interests get what they deserve will indeed get their fill, just as one wise man promised.

The one thing all should hope for is that the upcoming gang war will leave something salvageable in its aftermath, which, given the maniacal, genocidal mindset of these same powerful criminal Jewish interests involved, can only be a case of “we’ll see.”

Mark Glenn

Source >
  The Ugly Truth | sept 13

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