America and Great Britain’s Secret Support of Jandullah
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Ibrahim Raisi, the vice president of Iran’s judicial branch, says that Iran has evidence that shows that America and Great Britain support the group Jandullah, "the Army of God."

Mr. Raisi said that these two countries supply this group, which is similar to al Qaeda and the Taliban, with weapons and information.

This judiciary official, who today (Saturday) spoke with reporters on the verge of the fifth conference of executives and accountable guards of the military’s ministry, added by saying that the enemies of Iran want to “create trouble” with a series of measures in the Islamic Republic.

According to Mr. Raisi, there will be a day when the enemies of the Islamic Republic will be held responsible for these series of actions.

By calling Abdul Malik Rigi’s group “the Army of Satan,” Mr. Raisi assured that the police force and Iran’s judicial branch will get revenge on this group (Jandullah) for the killing of seventeen employees of Iran’s police force.

In the past, Iranian police officials have confirmed many times that Jandullah took seventeen police officers hostage, killing them by ways of firing squad.

Jandullah announced many times by issuing information that some of the hostages were killed. However, Iranian officials were not ready to confirm the information.

In regard to Jandullah last week, Iran criticized Pakistan for Islamabad’s lack of cooperation in suppressing the group which is said to be established in this country’s borders.

Jandullah is an armed Sunni group in the south-eastern part of Iran which has been responsible for many armed operations against officials and the people of Iran.

Iran has announced that this group is supported by Western countries, America in particular, but Jandullah has denied any kind of relations.

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