Jordan withdraws its ambassador from Israel
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Israeli sources reported on Saturday that Jordan withdrew its ambassador from Israel in protest to the ongoing Israel aggression in the Gaza Strip. The Jordanian move is a temporary measure, and the ambassador was informed to remain in Jordan until the offensive is over.

The ambassador, Ali Abed, will be heading to Jordan immediately. Yet, political analysts say that the decision could be ignored by Israel, especially since this move does not necessarily mean permanent cutting of ties with Israel.

The decision apparently came after thousands of residents protested in Jordan against the ongoing Israel offensive in Gaza.

The Friday protest in Amman transformed into clashes with Jordanian policemen.

King Abdullah of Jordan said that he is concerned regarding the offensive, and added that this attack “is a conspiracy against the Palestinian people, and an attempt to harm Jordan”, the Arabs48 news website reported.

Jordanian Prime Minister, Faisal Al Fayez, said that his country is willing to consider all options, and could reconsider its regional relations, especially with Israel.

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